Securing Your Information


Our businesses operate in a connected world. Our supply chains cover the globe and we communicate and service our customers wherever and whenever they choose. Moving your businesses into this global, connected market can be rewarding. It can provide a new approach to reach your target market, develop customer relationships and drive increased sales and revenue. How do you operate in such a climate and protect your critical information?


Do you understand the risks of taking your business online? What impact would a security incident have on your Sales and Revenue? What impact could there be to Customer satisfaction? Could a security incident result in irreparable brand damage? Could the financial impact extend from the business to you personally?

The most effective approach to protecting your business from the risk of an Information Security incident is to embed Information Security into every aspect of your IT environment, from strategy through operation.


So where do you start?


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We always start by understanding your business. Where you are now? Where you plan to be?

Having understood your current business and technology, we will then look at the risks evident within your environment and then assesses these risks based upon the potential business impact and the probability of occurrence. 
With an understanding of the investment required to mitigate each risk, we can then collaborate on risk mitigation strategies.

We will then work with you to develop and manage an implementation plan that will ensure information security is embedded within your business operation.

This approach will leave you with a clear understanding of the risks posed by your current technology investments and a plan to move you into the most cost-effective, secure position that supports your business goals.

If you have a specific need, AUTHENTICit can assist you in the following areas: 

Information Security Policy

Information Security Strategy

Information Security Project Management

Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Threat/Risk Assessments

Information Security Incident Review


Contact today and ask us about an IT Security Health Assessment