Authentic Intelligence


Applications, cloud, server, networks, security, mobile devices and more presented us with more data than ever before. How do we make sense of it and enable wise decisions?


Authentic Intelligence using Splunk

Authentic - a mode of existance which has its basis in self-awareness, critical reflection and responsibility for actions.

Intelligence - the faculty of understanding

Our Authentic Intelligence service builds awareness and understanding of operational performance by consolidating machine data (application and device logs) and structured data into the Splunk Enterprise application. The output is customised dashboards that provide up to the minute understanding on how your investment is delivering to your specific needs. Understanding the need for change and the ramifications of such change, builds critical reflection, enabling you and your team to make wise decisions that positively impact your business. 

Don't just manage your technology. Express how your technology investment is delivering value to your business. 

Our approach

1. Let us understand your business. How technology is employed and the value it delivers. Where do you need additional visibility to improve your ability to lead the application of technology in your business?

2. Let us understand your application of technology. What applications, networks, devices and security you have deployed and how that is already instrumented. We also look at current machine data collection practices and that can be leveregaed in this Active Intelligence program. We also understand the structured data you need integrated within the process.

3. Implementation plan. Once we all understand how technology delivers to the business and how it is currently configured, we can then complete an implementation plan to ensure the required information is centralised and imported into Splunk Enterprise and the appropriate dashboards built. 

4. Delivery. We then work together to make the necessary changes, implement Splunk Enterprise and test your custom-built dashboards.

5. Tuning and reflectionWe are not satisfied to delivery and run. We understand these systems require tuning once implemented to ensure value is delivered.

Already have Splunk installed?

Let us review your current environment and update it to deliver value to your business.

We will utilise the same process to review the health of your system, identifying updates and dashboard modifications to ensure your have it tuned to assist you to make wise decisions. 

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