Build a Strong Tech Culture

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Do you have a high-performing technology team? Are your team members achieving their potential? What about managing and motivating technology teams containing both internal and partner resources?

Whether your IT group is 2 or 2,000, leading technology professionals and developing high-performing technology teams is a great leadership challenge.

Selective outsourcing may also mean your IT responsibility is split between employees and partners.

We don't always have the cycles available to give leadership the focus it requires to be effective. As well, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can find new ways to improve performance and team unity. Technology Culture services utilise the latest in academic and industry research to develop strong cultures and high performing teams. Our Coaching and Mentoring service provides individuals with the support and guidance to move from good to great.

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Leading change

Whenever we change the architecture of a business we are completing an organizational change program. The objective is to transform the business from the current state to a future state while limiting the impact and carefully coordinating the change of people, process and technology to deliver business improvement.

The delivery of any broad technology plan is done so within the framework of organizational change. We therefore need to carefully plan and execute change to minimize business disruption and to achieve the required change as soon as practical.

Change implemented in a holistic manner provides the best chance of producing lasting results and delivering real business value.

It is from this perspective that operates. We offer business a change continuum, commencing at translating business vision into enterprise architecture. We are also acutely aware of the process and impact of organizational change. We provide a perspective of implementing technology change within an organization change framework. Whether this change impacts line of business or technology teams, we ensure all aspects of people, process and technology are considered.

This is especially important where change introduces full, or partial adoption of external providers in the delivery of information technology solutions. We acknowledge the people aspect of change and support all our clients by incorporating this perspective in our approach.

This approach results in a deep alignment between business and technology. 

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