About the Company

business technology building blocks

The authentic.it purpose is to engage, promote, and evangelise the business benefits of a productive, harmonious, focused symbiotic business-IT relationship.

Information and Communication Technologies exist to enable and accelerate business success.

Technology allows us to come to market in new ways, drive differentiation and build efficiency and effectiveness into business operations. 

Business provides focus, context and a set of parameters from which to operate. Technology informs business as to what is possible and where technology can introduce and enable business to transform at rapid pace. This is an important point in 21st century business. Our opportunity is to find a balance between technologies providing new ways to transform business and business setting clear strategic priorities. 

It is not about Business driving IT or IT driving Business. This is the essence of the symbiotic relationship  - the interdependency of business and technology. In the 21st century, one cannot exist without the other.

As business leaders our opportunity is to find and hold this fine balance in enabling business to deliver its vision and purpose.

Through our strategic, technology team leadership and execution services, we assist businesses of all sizes and complexity to nurture this relationship, thereby enabling enhanced business success.

Our Values

Authenticity – clear, uncomplicated advice that is absolutely focused on the best needs of the client.

Independence – our absolute allegiance is to our clients. We will deliver outcomes totally aligned to that need. No external influence will dissuade us from that focus.

Accountability – we deliver as committed and engage as far into the process as our clients’ request

We value being regarded as a Trusted Advisor by each client

Sustainability – supporting the long term ecological balance

Our Experience

The team at authentic.it bring decades of experience delivering strategic advice, organizational change and managing the implementation and execution of Information Technology solutions.

We have serviced clients of all sizes and complexity. These include:

  • Entrepreneurs starting new business ventures;
  • Small businesses looking to consolidate and grow;
  • Medium sized businesses looking to build new levels of efficiency and effectiveness into their IT operation;
  • Corporate clients performing large-scale information technology transformation, including partial and total outsourcing; and
  • Local, State and Federal Government clients tackling the varied challenges of IT efficiency and performance in the public sector.

These clients are operating across the follow industry sectors:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Retail;
  • Transportation;
  • Financial Services;
  • Local, State and Federal Government;
  • Resources;
  • Health Services;
  • Higher Education;
  • Training and Development; and
  • Not for Profit.